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Drafting an effective resume is more than following the specific guidelines and rules you hear from others. There are no strict rules for drafting a resume but good tips always works well in the process of resume writing. Every resume is a piece of marketing tool that communicates your skills, professional history and educational qualifications. It should be appropriate to the post applied for.

When it comes to the question of drafting an associate resume, thousands of confusions comes up in our mind. The answer to this query is not that easy and simple. To make your tasks easier, we have come up with various examples of associate resume. You can make choices of the sample as per your requirement.

This page communicates the style, format and layout of writing an associate resume. The resume sample will help you to reflect your excellent interpersonal and communication skills as well as your potentiality in the applied job position. Each sample highlights experience that always proves as a key to secure your desired position. The skills and work experiences in the samples are relevant and specific to the applied job position.

An associate plays an important role in the smooth and effective working of the organization. The role of an associate is hard to define as the job responsibilities depend on the type and the organization one works for. However, the goal of an associate is to provide support in their areas to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Some of the types of associate include sales associate, banking associate, customer service associate, cash office associate, jewelry sales associate and many more.

This site offers free and effective resume samples for different associate positions. The sample provides comprehensive information on how to draft a compelling and impressive associate resume. You can start preparing your resume by following the sample template.

Contact Information:

Career Objective:

This section is where your employer judges you as an employee. Try to be precise and to the point and do not exceed three lines.

Skill sets:

An important section that employer is always keen to go through. Include all the skills relevant to the applied position. Bring the important one in the beginning and the less ones at the bottom.

Work History/Professional Experience:

This section can be said as the most important part of a resume. It should clearly and precisely communicate all the job responsibilities you have handled in your previous organization. Present this section by using the reverse chronological format to make it more appealing and impressive.

Personal Details:

Include all your personal details like your marital status, employment status, date of birth and so on


This is an optional part. If the employer asks for a reference, you can fill the section

The above sections form an integral part of effective resume writing. Discover and get more ideas on resume writing with the help of the samples provided in this page.

List of associate resume examples:

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