Adoption Application Letter

An adoption application letter is written by a couple who is interested in adopting a child. This application is written to an organization that helps in adoption. The application has to be clearly drafted to take up your case of adoption. This application has to be short and precise. It has to give all the adequate information that is required by the adoption agency. The adoption is carried out through government policy and the couple has to follow all the rules and regulations.

This application has to fit in the guidelines given. You have to take help of the legal expert in drafting an application letter or fill in the printed application form that is available in the organization.

Robert Smith
520 East Main Street,
Carmel, IN,
United States
(317) 846-7721

October 25, 2009

Donna Carter
Child Adoption Center
1801 East 86th Street,
Indianapolis, IN,
United States
 (317) 259-5301

Dear Ms. Carter:

It was indeed a pleasure to meet you at recent charity show. It was great to hear about your work for orphan children.� You had started an adoption center fifteen years back and have been successful. My wife and I want to adopt a girl child. We have a five year old son. We want to have a happy complete family with a daughter i.e. a sister to our son. This is our wish and I hope you can help us bring it to reality.

We want to adopt a two to three year American girl child. This will help to have the right gap between our biological son and adopted daughter. This will help us in bringing up the children together. The two kids will gel well and they will share a healthy relationship.

�We assure you that all the happiness and comforts of life will be provided to her. On financial fronts, we have a stable family income of $ 2000. We have an apartment in a calm and quiet neighborhood. We will educate the girl to make her an independent citizen of the country. We will make sure that both the kids will get our love and affection equally.

We are a happy family. This addition will make our family more joyful and we will take all the efforts to make our happiness last forever. Our marriage is based on trust and understanding so we have a strong bond between us. The kids will get attention from both the parents.

I hope you will consider my application and get back to me on my phone at (317) 846-7721 or email me- I am looking forward for a positive reply from your side.

Yours sincerely

Robert Smith

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