Application Acceptance Letter

An application acceptance letter is written to acknowledge the receipt of the application letter. This letter helps in giving assurance to the person who has written the application letter. You are happy that the application will be considered and something positive will come out. This letter is a good gesture and can help in creating an image about the organization. The letter has to be short, clear and precise. The first paragraph has to mention the main purpose of writing the letter. The tone has to be soft and polite showing your consideration for the application.

The letter has to be positive so that the recipient feels that his or her application will make an impact. In this sample letter, a bank manager is writing an acceptance letter to acknowledge the receipt of loan application to a customer. This letter will help the customer in understanding that his or her loan process is underway.

Daniel Harris
Branch Manger
Bank of America
1600 JFK Blvd,
Philadelphia, PA,
United States
(800) 432-10

Date- October 13, 2008

Sandra Green
3431 Chestnut Street,
Philadelphia, PA,
United States
(215) 222-2139

Dear Ms. Green:

This is to bring to your knowledge that I have received your application for personal loan yesterday. I have also received your enclosed documents. I received photocopies of salary slips, driving license, and social security number card. The bank will verify all these documents and the loan will be processed. You be assured that the loan process will begin soon.

You have been a long time valuable customer of our bank. We will do our best to serve you as promptly as we can. Helping customer in their financial needs is our most important job and we have been doing that for last fifty years.

The bank has considered your loan application. We will get back to you as soon as possible with regard to this I will contact you on phone or email if I require some more information. You can contact me if there are some more concerns. The bank is ready to help you. I am personally looking into this matter.

Yours truly,

Daniel Harris

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