Business Letter Format

There are three types of business letter formats. Although the contents of the letter remain the same, there is a difference in the alignment and indentation of the content. Organizations are free to adopt any of the given formats. However, full-block style is considered the most used all. The business letter formats are:

Here is a full-block format for you to structure your business letter and arrange all vital business details in a systematic order. It presents the list of sections you must add to the letter. You can align and indent the content depending upon the type of business letter you choose.

Sample Letter Format

Sender's Name
City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address

(Write the date on which the letter is drafted. Keep the date format as Month/Day/Year. Don't forget to use a comma after the day to separate it from the year.)

Receiver's Name
City, State, Zip Code

(Give the recipient a reference number from previous correspondence or give a short title to the letter conveying the purpose. Ex.: Order no. 11260, Request for Quotation for 100 units of goods, Invitation for the All Traders Conference).

(Greet the receiver by starting the letter with Dear Sir/Madam, or Dear and last name of the receiver. Greeting the addresses make the letter's tone polite).

Body of the Letter

The first paragraph includes an introduction by the sender, references, and the purpose of sending the letter.

Second paragraph denotes the details of the transaction, reasons for acceptance or rejection of applications, etc., depending upon the purpose of the letter.

Third paragraph includes a summary of the letter and makes a clear conclusion about what you expect from the recipient.

Complimentary Closure
(This includes a complimentary closure phrase such as sincerely yours, or yours truly, followed by your name and organization's name).

(Include details of the attachments you are sending with the letter. Mention the name of the document at the end of the letter. Ex. Purchase Order, Check, Demand Draft, Bank Documents, etc.)

Note: The headings are made bold for your understanding. Please don't make it bold in the letter.

Adopting a professional business letter format will help you to draft a letter that is curt in meaning, yet polite in tone. Make sure you adopt a format that suits the nature of your organization, the receiver's organization, and the work culture in your city, so that you are able to maintain the professionalism at par with the corporate standards.

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