Christmas Party Invitation Letter

An invitation letter for a Christmas party is written to invite friends and colleagues for a Christmas party. This is an informal letter written to invite friends and have a party on Christmas Eve. Such a letter is a simple and straight forward invitation to enjoy together. This letter uses a soft and polite tone which has warmth.

You want all your friends to come together and hence, your letter is full of festive spirit. This should ooze out through the language that you use in the letter. The letter has to sound friendly when the recipient reads it. The letter should be formatted well and should attract the reader.

Lisa Greene
525 South Racine Avenue,
Chicago, IL,
United States
(312) 996-8700

December 20, 2009

Karen White
4550 Kennedy Drive,
East Moline, IL,
United States
(309) 792-2500

Dear Karen:

I have got the news that you are coming down to Chicago for the Christmas this year. It is a great opportunity to meet. I have invited all my friends and acquaintances for a party on Christmas Eve. The party is organizes at my home and will begin at 7.00 pm.

It is indeed a pleasure to invite your family and you for the party. This will be fun and we can enjoy together with all the friends. It has been quite a long time that you have been away from home due to your work. This is the perfect chance to meet after a long gap. We will try to bring back the Christmas memories that we shared at our school and college time.

Our children will get to know each other and the relationship that we share will strengthen as it will pass on to next generation. I hope you will be able to make it to the party.� I am looking forward for your positive reply.

Please let me know in advance so that I can make the necessary arrangements. Let's make this Christmas memorable with get together of friends.

Yours sincerely

Lisa Greene

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