Letter to Inform an Employee's Appointment to a Committee

An appointment letter is written to announce an individual's appointment to a job position. This type of letter is professional and starting point of an official correspondence between the employer and employee. This sort of letter is written to an individual who is appointed to a committee or board. This letter helps in formally announcing the appointment.

The letter has to be clear and to the point. It has to be brief stating the complete details like appointment to which position, duration and the skills that helped him/her in reaching that position. The letter should congratulate the person and be full of positive tone.

Carol Adams
Rotary Club
6741 North Greasewood Street,
Surprise, AZ,
United States
(623) 583-3500

November 20, 2008

Ruth Williams
Senior Academician
404 8th Street South,
Minneapolis, MN,
United States
(651) 291-8300

Dear Ms. Williams:

It is indeed a pleasure to announce you appointment as a chief editor of "Education Update" a fortnightly magazine published by Rotary Club. You have been working in rotary as a member for last five years in various committees. Looking into your academic experience and expertise of dealing with young minds, we have chosen you for this coveted position.

In the Annual General meeting you will be officially declared as an editor of the magazine. The meeting is scheduled on December 1, 2008 at 11.00 am in The Rotary Clubhouse. All the members will be present to celebrate the occasion. The appointment is for two years.

I congratulate you on behalf of the Rotary club. You have worked with the magazine as a contributor for last three years. You have written many research papers and many of them have been published in international journals of repute. You have edited your college magazines and literary magazines in your happening and high profile career of thirty years.

The magazine will reach great height of success in your tenure as an editor. Your ethic, skills and experience are exemplary and that will help the editorial team in giving the best. You will bring innovative and creative ideas that will attract the young members to the magazine. Your networking abilities will help the magazines to get a lot of new contributors who have made a name of themselves in academia and career counseling.

We look forward to meet you in the annual general meeting. Once again, congratulations for the appointment.

Yours truly,

Carol Adams

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