Sales Appointment Letter

A letter for sales appointment is written to find the available time from the customer. This letter is written to fix an appointment with a customer to give him or her information about the latest product or services that your company is offering. The appointment has to be taken in accordance to the customer's availability and time that is suitable to him or her. The letter also focuses on how the product or service will be useful and beneficial to the customer. The strengths of the product are highlighted.

This sort of letter is a marketing strategy to start with hot and cold call to the customer. The letter has to be written in a soft and polite tone. It has to be short and precise. The customer should understand what the letter is about in the first reading. The letter has to be drafted in such a fashion that the customer agrees for an appointment when the salesperson contacts him or her.

Daniel Robinson
Sales Executive
Fitness Club
34473 Golden Lantern Street,
Dana Point, CA,
United States
(949) 496-0606

April 15, 2009

Kevin Walker
1100 Las Tablas Road,
Templeton, CA,
United States
(805) 434-3500

Dear Mr. Walker:

It is indeed a pleasure to write to you about a new scheme at our gymnasium for valuable customers like you. I am writing this letter to fix an appointment with you to give you detailed information about the new scheme. Can I come down to your office in the next week if that's suitable for you. I will contact you on phone on April 18, Saturday to fix the appointment.

You have been our customer for last four years. You have always appreciated our services and helped in increasing the customer base. We have a lot of customer due to your reference. The customers like you have inspired to start new initiatives. For a few customers who have completed three years with us, we have started with a 15% discount scheme on facilities like gymnasium, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and spa. You will get a three year membership on discounted amount for the above mentioned facilities for your family members and you. You will get a special gift for all the three years during our anniversary celebrations.

I will give you all the details when I personally meet you. I hope you will be interested in the scheme. I am enclosing the brochure for your perusal. I look forward to see you in the appointment next week.

Thanking you

Daniel Robinson

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