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Banking careers relate to varied options and hence, applying for any position in this sector needs perfection in terms of knowing your abilities and drafting them in the resume to grab your choice of career. The trick in doing this is to draft a resume that will need little time to understand your key skills. A clear layout, highlighting the key elements is enough to catch attention of the recruiters. Your checklist needs to include and highlight aspects such as, your experience, education, internships if any and interests in a concise manner.

Smart individuals understand that devoting half of their profile document to their work experience is worth it. Extensively mentioning past achievements in previous jobs is good as this will present you in a position as “Ready for the job.” Additionally, inclusion of internship experience if any will differentiate your from other applicants and pique the interest of the recruiter.

Furthermore, using power packed words in your banking resume is necessary. Using words such as, managed, analyzed, evaluated, developed, researched and projected, ring bells about your ability as a good banker. Use them at correct places to catch attention.

We have presented herewith some sample resumes along with a format to aid you in drafting your own profile document. Use it according to your needs and write a perfect resume to obtain your banking job.

Resume Format

Contact Information:
  1. Full name
  2. Campus and permanent addresses
  3. Telephone numbers
  4. Email address
Career Objective:

A short statement of career objective is often useful at the top of your banking resume.

Summarize Your Key Qualifications:

While writing your banking resume, it is crucial to summarize your strengths and key qualifications at the top half of the first page.

Areas of Expertise:

Banking Resume

Mention your areas of expertise with a list of keywords that are pertinent to your career.

Emphasize on Your Accomplishments :

Show quantifiable results of your work in bank jobs - this is one of the most important points about writing your banking resume! For Example: 'Instrumental in revenue and income growth of 76% over a 15-month period, through both organic growth and acquisitions'. 'Increased cash flow by $15 million by consolidating credit analysis function, reducing outstanding receivables from 48 to 15 days, and minimizing risk from marginal customers'.

Keywords: Be sure to include right resume keywords as employers use them to find the appropriate candidate for a job.

Resume Samples of Banking Careers

Create your career in banking. Find out what options in available in banking careers.

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