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A career in banking is open to all graduate disciplines and can be pursued by individuals from diverse backgrounds. It is a lucrative field and must for a stable and growing economy. This sector is also open to professionals opting for a career change as well. Even the job category that banking sectors offers is varied and skills based. Having a relevant background and necessary qualifications might prove you have better understanding of the industry and also assist in kick-starting your career.

There is an intense competition in this sector as the banks are hunting for professionals who display result-oriented performance, multitasking abilities, and customer service skills, and business growth for the bank. Hence, to work in this field, you need to have adequate knowledge about financial terms and particularly of the profile you want to work in.

Along with academic excellence, employers often look for essential traits while hiring new candidates. The finance service industry looks for soft skills like communication which are crucial to express complex ideas concisely to the customers, analytical skills like problem solving attitude and capability to make quick decisions and ability to perform well under strenuous situations.

Apart from your educational qualifications and quantifiable achievements, mention things like awards, internships, volunteering experience to stand out of the crowd.

Resume Format

Whether you are applying for a junior level position or some senior profile, it is necessary that you follow a correct format to present your concise information. Your resume must include the following sections.

Contact Information:

This section must have your basic details like full name, permanent residential address, contact number and a valid email address.

Career objective or career summary:

If you are seeking an entry-level position, write a career objective stating why you are seeking the job and what makes you an apt candidate. Whereas, if you have adequate experience under your belt, write an effective career summary that illustrates your competency for the job.

Key Skills:

When you are drafting the banker skills section, it is necessary to highlight skills that illustrate your leadership qualities, technical abilities, customer services skills and ability to manage multiple projects. This section gives you a chance to demonstrate how versatile you are and what values you can bring to the table.

Banking Resume

Work experience and accomplishments:

This section can be more comprehensive and brief as compared to other fields. You need to showcase specific accomplishments by using powerful action words that describe your role for the relevant profile. Apart from the significant achievements, you should also mention your areas of expertise related to the job such as:

A work experience that lists the percentage by which you increased mortgage value in a particular region is more effective than simply specifying you increased mortgage rate. So try to quantify your performance. For Example:

You should always add power-packed words like processed, negotiated, conducted, maintained or evaluated at the beginning of statements that describe your responsibilities for a role

If you want to land yourself with a job in the banking profile, you must be aware of what type of information the hiring managers wish to see in a candidate's application. A clear and concise document highlighting your abilities and key achievements must be written to catch the recruiter's attention. We provide you with various banker resume samples that will help you in drafting an effective resume for the profile you wish to work in.

Resume Samples of Banking Careers

Create your career in banking. Find out what options in available in banking careers.

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