Aerospace Engineer Cover Letter

Cover letter is the in thing nowadays in the job market that nobody would tell you the importance of. A cover letter is a letter written for showing your interest in the job and work profile you are applying for. It is written to the recruiter or the employer directly. Even the aerospace engineer cover letter is meant for the same thing. This letter serves the purpose of promoting oneself for a job that one is interested in and wants to apply for. Here you can take a look at the format as well as a sample of the aerospace engineer cover letter.

Tips for Cover Letters

When you are looking for a job during this era of tough competition, you got to prepare your documents very well as they are your introduction before the actual first face to face impression. Look at the following points.

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Aerospace Engineer Cover Letter Format

While writing the aerospace engineer cover letter, you have to make use of the 'blocked' format. This means the data of the letter should be seen on the left hand side of the page which includes the details of the sender to the closing of the letter. Here, let us take a look at the letter writing format that you have to follow while writing the cover letter which is also called the American letter writing format. Sender's Name:


Postal Address:
E-mail Address:
Contact Number:


Addressee's Name:
Organization's Name:

Re: Post applied for

Mr. / Miss. Last Name,

Letter body

Letter closing

Sincerely Yours,
Sender's Name.

Enclosures: This section is for the list of documents you plan to attach with your cover letter like the resume, certificates, etc.

Sample Aerospace Engineer Cover Letter 1

Captain Haddock
Victoria Mansion,
Sea Wood Arena, Housing Lines - 8,
New York City.
Contact Number - (787) 0000 523


Bianca Castafiore
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Department
New York City Airspace Technology Center
The Aeronautical Arena, Engineers Lines - 13,
New York City.

Re: Application for the post of Aerospace Engineer

Miss. Castafiore,

This letter of mine refers to the notice given out in the newspaper, Aeronautical Engineers Employment, about the vacant position of Aerospace Engineer in the New York City Airspace Technology Center. I have been working in the said field as a trainee till now, since one and a half years right after I graduated from the University of California in the Military services. I have garnered considerable hands-on experience in tackling the maneuvering issues faced by pilots while in mid air.

I am very sure that you will find me useful and besides that I would love to work for you. I expect to keep learning and have an opportunity to work on different aircrafts. The letter of recommendation from the Head Engineer, my Team Leader of the Air Wing, will tell you more about me. I would like to meet you in person if it is possible for you. Kindly call me on the number given above for a suitable time for meeting. Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely,
Captain Haddock.

Enclosures: Resume and Letter of Recommendation from Team Leader

We are sure this aerospace engineer cover letter example will help you to write a cover letter for yourself, judging on your capabilities and leave a mark on your employers. Once that is done, be sure that you will be called for the interview soon. So prepare yourself well for it now. All the best to you for your future endeavors!

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