Junior Bookkeeper Resume

Bookkeeping is an interesting career option for those who wish to explore the field of accountancy and have an inclination towards mathematics. It is an entry level position and hence is sought after by many college students. Here is a junior bookkeeper resume to help all enthusiastic job seekers find opportunities in bookkeeping. This sample is just an example and hence it should be reworked before using for own job search.

A bookkeeper is a junior level accountant who is responsible to perform data entry operations. As the name suggests, bookkeeping refers to the upkeep of books of accounts. He maintains the books up-to date by filling in financial records on daily basis. He ensures that the entries made in books are accurate and are presented in prescribed format. A bookkeeper works at a position lower than the accountant. An accountant performs higher responsibilities of computing and verifying accounts. A bookkeeper's responsibilities are limited to passing entries for transactions in account books. A bookkeeper has to deal in figures constantly. Hence, he must possess the skills of maintaining accuracy and detailing in work. He may face work pressure during the end of accounting period since organizations face work deadlines. A bookkeeper can move towards working as an accountant and later at a senior level with experience. The growth prospects are tremendous for a bookkeeper.

Junior Bookkeeper Resume

Isabella Lauren

Contact Details

Address: 12N, Wellington Street, Port Angeles, WA 25741
Contact Number: 622 - 578 - 1034
Email Id: isabellalauren@example.com

Career Objective:

Securing a position of a junior bookkeeper where I can learn the principles and methods of keeping books of accounts and manage the financial records of the organization.

Summary of Skills

Educational Qualifications

Work Experience

Name of Designation: Junior Bookkeeper
Name of Organization: Lynch Marketers Inc., Port Angeles
Period of Work: April 2010 - till date

Name of Designation: Cashier
Name of Organization: Campbell Mall, Port Angeles
Period of Work: September 2009 - March 2010

Internship Details

Completed 6 months of internship with Stevenson Financial Inc., Port Angeles. Got an opportunity to train under the industry experts and learned the methods of bookkeeping. It included learning the format of bookkeeping, and the methods of applying accounting principles. This experience has enhanced my knowledge in accountancy and bookkeeping and has helped me maintain accuracy in records.

Personal Details

Name: Isabella Lauran
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 31st May 1987
Nationality: American
Preferred Location: New York, Port Angeles
Hobbies: Playing Tennis and Soccer


Name: Rupert Tyler
Designation: Chief Accountant
Organization Name: Lynch Marketers Inc., Port Angeles
Contact Number: 622 - 478 - 1234
Email Id: rupertyler@example.com

Junior bookkeeper resume must talk about the candidate's efficiency at handling accounts and maintaining precision in work. These two traits are vital for a bookkeeper and thus are sought after by most recruiters. We hope this sample sets a model of resume writing and helps you make your own resume.

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