Junior Tax Accountant Resume

If you find taxation interesting and wish to see yourself as a successful tax accountant, then you need to gain respectable experience at the junior level to pursue your dream further. You can begin your career by working as a junior tax accountant and handling responsibilities under the guidance of a senior accountant. Use the given junior tax accountant resume sample to find the best job in the market that will provide you the stepping stone for your future.

A tax accountant is a specialist accountant who has expertise in the taxation policies and methods. Unlike other accountants, he does not handle the accounting procedures required for documenting the everyday transactions of an organization. He is responsible to calculate the taxes payable by the organization on various transactions performed by it in the past accounting year. An organization needs to pay taxes while importing goods, selling goods, acquiring or selling properties, and on the profits earned during the year. Hence, organizations hire a tax accountant to help them file appropriate tax returns. A junior tax accountant provides necessary support to the chief tax accountant in performing his main duties. After gaining sufficient experience, he is eligible to perform the same duties independently.

Jeremy Taylor
17N, Maryland Street, Phoenix, AZ
877 - 262 - 1415

Career Objectives

To obtain the position as a junior tax accountant where I can furnish my knowledge in tax accounting under the able guidance of a senior. Also, I wish for an opportunity that allows me to work independently and grow in my career.

Key Skills

Work Experience

Designation: Junior Tax Accountant
Organization Name: Mary and Jones Financial Inc, Phoenix
Duration: January 2010 - till date

Designation: Tax Accountant Intern
Organization: Meryl Taxation Firm, Phoenix
Duration: September 2008 - December 2009

Educational Qualifications

Extracurricular Activities


Name: Justin Gilbert
Position: Chief Tax Accountant
Company Name: Mary and Jones Financial Inc, Phoenix
Contact Number: 877 - 696 - 2523
Email Id: justingilbert@example.com

This junior tax accountant resume complies with all the protocols that are expected in a professional resume. We hope this template provides you a rough template to base your resume and helps you create a professional resume for your career.

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