Senior Account Executive Resume

Writing a senior account executive resume can be as easy as sharpening a pencil. However, many individuals take this task way too lightly. They forget to question the quintessential purpose of a resume and fail to utilize the worth of their resume. Their resume rests in the trashcan once the reader finds nothing that he is looking for in a potential candidate.

A senior account executive is by no means an ordinary employee. Being a senior level employee, the duties assigned to him play a vital role in the functioning of an organization. This job blends sales and customer service operations, wherein the executive works towards acquisition of clients and maintaining relationships with the existing clients. He has to identify new areas of improvement in client service operations and manage the assigned workforce.

Now the question arises that how should a resume of a senior account executive appear? In simple words, the resume should be crystal clear and it must evoke a feeling of confidence in the reader's mind. The reader should be able to identify your competency through your skills and experience in this profession. His search for a perfect employee should end after reading your resume. Mention details of previous and current jobs, and enlist the associated responsibilities. Keep the tone neutral. You should sound confident but not boastful of your qualifications. Career achievements and additional responsibilities that you executed can be included.

Go through the following sample resume of a senior account executive. It illustrates the ideal way of presenting the information in minimum possible words.

Personal Details

Dominic C. Hernandez
1429, Cabana Street
Austin, Texas 52413

Career Objective

To work in a goal driven environment where I get an opportunity to serve the organization to the best of my experience and capability


Career History

Senior Account Executive
Harrison Associates
March 2007 to present

Work Responsibilities:

Key Achievements:

Associate Account Executive
Brandon Inc.
August 2004 to February 2007

Work Responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications

Additional Qualifications and Certifications


  1. Lisa Robinson
    Human Resource Manager
    Harrison Associates

  2. Laura McFarland
    Human Resource Manager
    Brandon Inc.

Once you understand how the information is segregated into different sections of the resume, it will become easy for you to draft a personalized senior account executive resume.

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