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There are two types of resumes: the one's that attract the reader's undivided attention and the one that does not. The resume that attracts attention of the reader initiates a chain of sequence and reactions that can easily result in you being called for the job interview. On the other hand, the resume that does not attract the reader breathes its last in the trashcan. Now the question here is: how can you make your resume attractive?

To make an attractive resume, you need to reprocess your thoughts and consider yourself as the employer for a while. You need to think like an employer in order to understand and present information that he needs while looking out for competent candidates. For this job, an employer will need you to be an individual with in-depth knowledge and experience of working with mutual funds, hedge funds, or any other collective investment scheme. You also need to have research and reporting skills. Ability to work in a consistently stressful and goal-driven environment is a necessary trait to be successful fund administrator.

The sample resume for this job will help you to draft your resume while incorporating the necessary information without letting the length of the resume become a concern.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

James N. Porter
1263 Farland Avenue
Albany, New York 36410

Career Objective

As a qualified and experienced individual, I want to handle the position of fund administrator and lead the operations of the organization skillfully

Summary of Skills

Work Experience

Fund Administrator at Latitude Financial Services, Albany
Employed from September 2006 to present

Job Responsibilities

Fund Administrator at Morgan Financial Advisors, Albany
Employed from January 2002 to August 2006

Job Responsibilities

Fund Administrator at Citrus Investment Services, Albany
Employed from March 1999 to December 2001

Job Responsibilities

Educational Qualifications and Certifications

Certified Funds Administrator
Hooper Academy of Finance

Master's Degree in Economics
New York University

Bachelor's Degree in Economics
New York University


Available on request

You can easily make a personalized fund administrator resume. The body of your resume should be identical to the sample provided above, while the content should describe your qualifications in a simple language, because it will then allow the employer to spend less time in reading the resume.

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