Junior Executive Resume

Junior executive position is an entry level position. Job seekers can work at this post and gain an entry into business administration or marketing field. Hence, here is a junior executive resume that will help job seekers to develop their copy of resume and apply for jobs. We have crafted this resume as per the updated resume writing techniques and hope that it will succeed in searching suitable jobs for the candidate.

The executive position is highly important in an organization. He is responsible for carrying out business development operations of an organization. It includes promoting the business operations, enhancing the goodwill and gathering clients for the organization. Unless a business is promoted or it stands out in a crowd, clients will not approach that organization for business. Hence, it is vital to create a niche for their name in market. This task is performed by the executive officer. Business development involves PR and brand management activities. He communicates with the potential and loyal customers and represents the organization at public gatherings. He develops the marketing strategies and uses the various marketing mediums such as newspaper, television, internet, radio, etc., for bringing business to the organization. An executive may participate in administration activities as well. He undertakes planning, organizing, strategical and implementation activities for the organization. An executive is thus an employee who contributes to the growth and development of an organization at all stages.

Junior Executive Resume

Julia Stewart
Address: 17, South Avenue, Privet Drive, Tucson, AZ 87495
Contact Number: 699 - 124 -7845
Email Id: juliastewart@example.com

Career Objective

To secure the job of an executive and undertake business development activities for the organization. To gain practical knowledge in managing business and building goodwill for the organization

Key Skills

Educational Qualifications

Work Experience

Designation: Junior Executive
Organization Name: Oracle Advertising Agency, Tucson
Period of Work: May 2010 - till date

Designation: Intern Executive
Organization Name: Angels Marketing Inc., Tucson
Period of Work: November 2009 - April 2010

Extracurricular Activities:

Professional Attributes:

Personal Details:

Name: Julia Stewart
Sex: Female
Birthdate: 23rd August 1987
Hobbies: Reading, Rappelling
Nationality: American


Name: Angela Brown
Professional Details: Business Development Manager
Oracle Advertising Agency, Tucson
Contact Details: 655 - 587 - 4252

A resume must define the career profile of a candidate and his ambitions impressively to succeed in a job search. Instead of following all resume writing tips blindly, it is better to analyze your profile first and then choose the right available option. It could relate to formatting resume, composing the content or structuring the order, you are free to experiment with it. No matter what format you choose, make sure the resume presents the vital career details at the beginning of the resume.

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