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A competently crafted resume is regarded as a one-of-a-kind marketing implement which publicizes your skills and qualifications to a huge effect. As opposed to the old-fashioned sayings, there are no set rules to compose a brilliant resume. The format and arrangement of this job application document change according to the career situation of the candidate. Functional, chronological, targeted, and combination are the four chief resume formats – any of these can be exercised as per the status of your career. Nonetheless, your document should possess an appreciating appearance and serve the number one purpose of getting the interview.

The job of a plant superintendent revolves around the work of overseeing the regular operations of the manufacturing plant which includes taking control over economical and efficient management of resources and personnel involved in the operations. He analyzes the overall expenditure incurred right from the material stage to the stage of finished merchandise. In order to ensure smooth running of the operations, he conducts tests to check the functioning of the machines and places orders for new parts to replace the damaged ones. Before placing the orders, the superintendent researches on new machineries and tools to effectively negotiate with the vendors.

The overall performance of the plant is assessed by analyzing and compiling the information acquired through the reports provided by the heads of different departments. The professional also shoulders the responsibility of conducting recruitment, orientation, and training programs for new employees. Besides, he leads the staff and provides support to obtain optimum results.

Your resume should always be tailored in accordance to the job requirements. It should efficaciously promote your skills and qualifications to the hiring managers and depict yourself as a perfect match for the targeted position. The presentation should be such that it stirs up the interest of the recruiter and compels him to meet you in an interview.

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Resume Sample

Freddie J. Mortenson
5841 Marine Drive
Long Beach, CA 63120

Career Objective

To support the organization in achieving perfection and success in its business by implementing my wide-ranging experience in leading the operations and employing strategic plant operational initiatives.

Work Experience

Plant Superintendent at Vincent Industries
January 2007 - Present

Job Responsibilities:

Plant Superintendent at Dickinson Industries
April 2001 - December 2006

Job Responsibilities:


Educational Qualifications

Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, 2001
California University of Engineering

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, 2000
California University of Engineering

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