Secretary Resume

A secretary is like a shield for the boss, protecting him from: unwanted people, from harmful (read annoying) calls, injurious (read irate) customers and the like. The secretary routes all the incoming and outgoing calls, makes appointments, keeps tabs on the schedule of the boss; in short makes his life easier. A secretary has to be quite dexterous, because he/she has to be able to answer and respond to any of the boss's whims and demands. He/she also has to face the heat from other people in case the boss cancels any meetings at the last minute. This sample resume depicts a nice way of compiling the information. Anyone can freely use this sample for his or her own application once after changing the particulars.

Sample Secretary Resume

Ross Gray
958, West 27 ST,
Ohio, OH, 43982


To obtain the position of secretary in an organization where I can help my employer in the best possible manner and help make his work easier.

Experience Summary:

Professional Experience:

Secretary, July 20XX to Present

ABC Computer Hardware, Illinois

Receptionist, July 20XX to August 20XX

Ocean Shipping Inc, Illinois


20XX - 20XX Haddows Secretarial Course, Illinois



Furnished upon request

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