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Known for his speed and accuracy, the typist is a typing expert specializing in various forms of typing viz., shorthand typing, audio typing, touch typing, steno typing, copy typing, etc. One of the chief duties listed under this job position is recording or creating memorandums, reports, documents, and letters. Maintaining computer file systems and spreadsheets, updating information databases, performing photocopying and faxing activities, responding to emails, phone calls, etc., are other tasks carried out by the professional.

A typist resume should always demonstrate first-rate writing skills and quality presentation techniques to portray a good impression on the reader. Consider the specimen presented here and know the top techniques of resume writing.

Sample of Resume

Will G. Thomas
374, Houston Avenue
Concord, NH 45683
(786) 865 5685


To secure the position of typist and employ my extended experience and competent skillfulness to furnish superior clerical support to the firm.

Experience Summary:

Professional Experience:

ABC Data Infotech, Illinois
Typist, July 20XX to Present

Sterling Business, Illinois
Typist, June 20XX to June 20XX


North Rockville College, Illinois, 20XX - 20XX


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