Entry Level Analyst Resume

Stepping into the job market as a business analyst? Well, the gateway for your success lies in your resume. If this is crafted masterfully, it can act as a booster for your prospects to obtain a job. However, you might be worried about what to include in the entry level analyst resume, as you lack relevant experience to display. This is the primary reason why we have provided a sample that will ease your job to a great extent.

Though you lack on the experience front, you possess expertise and skills that might have prompted you to opt for this field. You can present them in correct format for catching the attention of a potential employer. The construction of the profile page if done correctly, can lead to setting you apart from competition and eventually land you with the offer letter.

Since we are talking about the job of a business analyst, it becomes imperative that the aspirant is proficient in business terminology. Highlighting such words and terms in your resume can make it impressive and lead to you being shortlisted, or chosen to work for the said organization.

The entry level analyst resume sample provided below will act as a reckoner for building your own optimized and effective profile document. You just need to customize it according to your requirements and details while drafting the final version. Hope this sample aids in landing you the desired job.

Entry Level Analyst Resume Sample

College Undergraduate For Entry Level Position



Company Name: Drug Mart Pharmacy Corporation
Formal Title: Store Manager
Start Date: December 1, 1995
End Date: Presently still working at Drug Mart Pharmacy Corporation.
Comments: I was a student intern at The New York Times at the Human Resources Department.


Institution Name: Berkeley College
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Start date: September 29, 2003
Graduation: September 15, 2004
Comments: Graduated from Berkeley College with high honors.

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