Immigration Attorney Resume

When you intend to move base to some different country than your residence, the formalities can become stressful and complex. If you fail to plan correctly, the consequences can give nightmares. There are times when individuals are not able to apply for their immigration process properly due to lack of knowledge and complications involved. Along with such scenarios, there are other aspects which necessitate the need of immigration attorneys who aid in formalities and regulations. The primary responsibilities of any immigration attorney is to analyze all the facts related to your case and then identify best options for solving it. The attorney needs to be adept at the immigration laws and eligibility criteria and recommend ways for obtaining a legal status in a foreign country. Additionally, the attorney needs to guide clients for proper completion of their application process.

Aspiring attorneys need to be proficient in all the above mentioned skills and be able to list them in proper format on their resumes. For guiding you in this process, we have drafted an immigration attorney resume sample below.

Sample of Immigration Attorney Resume

Karl Barber
327, West 97th ST,
Dover, DE, 47328
(546) 783-1564

Objective: Looking for full time employment as a manager in an immigration attorney.


Amdocs, Boulder City, NV
Attorney - Immigration Manager


Skills: Education:

Western Nevada Community College, Carson City, NV
B.A. in Law

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