Immigration Attorney Cover Letter

An immigration attorney is a professional who has a license to practice law. Immigration attorneys have the option of specializing in different departments like family-based petitions, visa applications, representation in immigration courts and employment-based petition. Attorneys also have the liberty to work as solo practitioners, in large or small organization. An accredited immigration attorney will also have to offer legal counsel with the immigration issues for any person who wants to immigrate to US. This means that immigration attorneys will have to assist the foreign companies or give personal legal advice for legally establishing a business presence within a country.

Immigration attorneys have the power to act like a legal advocate and representative. This has to be done only when the immigrant has some legal issues inside the federal immigration or for the department of security agencies. They also have to provide help to the immigrants during the process of receiving and applying for a residence permit. If a residence permit gets rejected, an immigration attorney will have to challenge this decision before the state or country judge. An immigration attorney will have to help the citizens for meeting the requirements required for becoming a naturalized citizen.

An immigration attorney will also have the training to help in submitting and preparing applications that are required for refugee status or political asylum. Maximum immigration attorneys will never be seen inside the courtroom. Instead, they will have to work with human resources to contact the clients or the foreign nationals. However, some of the attorneys will decide to help individuals who have are going through criminal charges or deportation. Therefore, the key skill required for this profession is ability to speak at least one foreign language.

If you have the degree and experience of an immigration attorney, then you can start looking got better job options. For this, you will have to write a covering letter, which makes you stand above the rest. Below you will find an example immigration attorney cover letter that will help you further.

Sample Immigration Attorney Cover Letter

Richard Bacon
2410 Gregory Lane. Louisville, KY40202 502-508-7930

December 24, 2011

Mr. Garry Bernal
US Law Department
1362 Joanne Lane
Bedford, MA01730

Dear Mr. Bernal,

Re: Immigration Attorney Post

First, I would like to thank you for your latest advertisement for the opening of Immigration Attorney. I have got more than eight years of experience as an immigration attorney and I have the determination for winning within your firm. I would request you to review my resume, so that you get a better idea of my successful track record so far. To state briefly, I have a law degree from Louisville College. Also, I can provide you with various recommendations from different professors from almost all the departments, and I have been working for nearly four years in the legal matters of immigration section. I am aware that the US and International laws and by lines, have a good presence in NC court system, Laurinburg and I know what is required for winning my clients.

I would love it, if I get the opportunity to come and discuss my clientele and track record with you. I have immense passion for law in the section of immigration. Therefore, I would request you to get in contact with me at 502-508-7930 or via e-mail, so that we can discuss this possibility even further. Until then, I would like to thank you for your consideration and time.

Richard Bacon Your Signature

Enclosure: References and Resume

This a dummy format that you can follow. However, do not forget to proofread your letter for errors or grammatical mistakes. It has to be error free to get your letter the desired attention and an interview call for you. All the best!

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