Digital Communications Resume

The profile of a digital communications technician is as interesting as it sounds. Several job seekers who boast of technical skills are keen on making a career in this field. Hence, we have given here a digital communications resume sample to support all such job seeker‘s endeavors. Job seekers must tweak this template as per the expectations of the recruiter and ensure that it meets all demands of the work profile.

Digital communication refers to the use of telecommunication devices to transfer information. An organization uses several communication devices such as computers, telephones, mobiles, video conferencing, etc. Larger the organization, more advanced and complex is the communication network. Hence, the digital communication technicians are appointed to look after this network and ensure uninterrupted communication facility for the organization. The communication technician sets up the network and manages its functioning regularly. He diagnoses the malfunctioning, repairs the broken parts and restores the efficiency of the network. He sets up additional equipments and instruments to make the network user-friendly. He opens new user accounts, customizes its settings and provides security to those applications. Also, he takes the responsibility of upgrading systems as per the new demands. Thus, the technician handles all such responsibilities as may be necessary to manage the communications network of the organization.

Sample Digital Communications Resume

James Marcus

Address: 17S, Petersburg Square,
Phoenix, AZ 88745
Contact Number: 588 - 412 - 7475
Email Id:

Career Aim

Secure the position of a digital communications technician and utilize my technical competence in maintaining the communications network of the organization. To ensure the organization enjoys uninterrupted services of the technology employed at work.

Summary of Skills

Work Experience Summary

Designation: Digital Communications Technician
Organization: Spielberg Advertisers Inc.
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Duration: May 2010 - till date

Designation: Junior Digital Communication Technician
Organization: Maple Manufacturers Inc.
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Duration: July 2009 - April 2010

Educational Qualifications


Personal Details

Name: James Marcus
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: January 9th 1986
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies: Reading, Gaming
Citizenship: USA Citizen
Current Location: Phoenix
Preferred Location: Phoenix, New York, Los Angeles

Mobility and Flexibility


Name: Mathews Riley
Designation: Chief Technical Officer
Organization: Spielberg Advertisers Inc., Phoenix
Contact Number: 588 - 784 - 7548
Email Id:

Most job seekers struggle throughout their job search. This sample is aimed at simplifying this struggle of the job seekers. Feel free to refer to this template and design your own resume. Customize the format and the information provided on the resume as per the job description and requisites mentioned by the recruiter. We hope this resume helps you to apply to all the suitable jobs and explore opportunities.

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