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Communication is an important tool for transmission of ideas, opinions, thoughts, plans and information amongst different sections of any organization. Effective communication is necessary; not only for maintaining proper human relations, but also to run the business successfully. If the communication between peers is good, then chances of misrepresentation and misunderstandings are negated, thus proving beneficial for the overall growth of business. All this necessitates that the person working in this sector is efficient and proficient in communications. This further implies that when any individual aspires for working in this profile, he or she needs to present a resume that communicates correctly.

You need to remember that following resume patterns written by others is not going to help. You need to draft your own strategy of presenting yourself as a perfect candidate for the said position. For example, if your strength lies in experience gained over the years, the resume needs to accommodate more space for this selling point. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that a good communication resume is not a catalog for presenting your history, rather it is a thoughtful and strategic process that needs to account different important variables.

For aiding you in your endeavor of drafting a perfect profile document, we have mentioned herewith a format which will act as a base and ascertain what aspects are important to be incorporated in your own resume. Followed by this format are communication resume samples pertaining to different fields where communication experts are needed. As mentioned earlier, you just need to use these samples as a base and customize your own profile according to needs.

Communication Resume Format

Your communication resume needs to include following fields:

Personal Information:

Communication Resumes

Job Objective

Here, write an objective for your job application. The objective has to be clear and easy to read.

Job Achievements:

Significant and Outstanding Career Accomplishments:

You can list any other personal achievements under this title.


Registrations, Licenses, Certifications:

If you have done any kind of certifications or have membership or licenses of several communities then you can list them under this category.

Special Knowledge, Abilities, Skills:

Here, list your special knowledge, other skills, computer related skills, etc.

Professional Organizations:

Write the name and description of professional organizations you have worked with in this section.


You can write about awards and honors you won in your school, college life or at your work places.


Mention all available references under this section.

Samples of Communication Resumes

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