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Digital journalism came in to existence just a decade ago. Though digital journalism is a type of journalism, it is slightly different from print media journalism. So whilst preparing a digital journalist resume, a person should take into consideration whether he/she should mention the skills and experience as a journalist and special skills and experience as a digital journalist. For example, a digital journalist is supposed to write the latest news which happened within an hour or two, so he/she needs to be updated about the happenings every minute and yet the news article he/she writes should be refreshing, unique and better than the similar news article by other journalists. Some of the most important skills required to be a good digital journalist are readability of a news article, knowledge of various technologies used, ability to connect with the reader through writing, etc.

Whilst working as a digital journalist, one has to face many challenges. For example, web or digital world is an ocean of information about any matter, but digital journalist needs to take only actual facts to write his/her own article. Especially when he/she is writing the latest news article, he/she has to take extra care. This is because once a reader loses interest and trust on the writer, he/she (reader) does not visit the same website again. Reader's trust is of utmost importance.

If you are a fresher digital journalist, there are few things to remember. Digital journalists may commit some mistakes because of rush to publish the content as soon as possible. So to avoid these mistakes, the digital journalist needs to get the news articles edited from other person, and double check it to eliminate the spelling mistakes and silly mistakes. The digital journalist needs to read the news article before publishing to determine whether it connects well with the reader.

A digital journalist should be able to write a resume which should connect with the reader just like his/her news article. Following is the example of a digital journalist resume:

Personal Information:

John Curtin
44, Park street,
New York, USA.

Career Objective:

To be a successful digital journalist through creativity, spontaneous attitude and hard work

Summary of Skills:

Professional Experience:

Strawberry News Networks, New York
January 2006 - Present
Digital journalist



Educational Qualifications:



  1. Robert White
    Strawberry News Networks
    New York, USA

  2. Charie Johnson
    Managing Director
    Strawberry News Networks
    New York, USA

You can prepare your resume in the format of the resume sample given above or choose any other format too. However, make sure that it should be neat and not too stylish. You need to add hyperlinks too. This will demonstrate your knowledge of the web. Though a digital journalist needs to add his/her strengths in his/her resume, he/she should write only factual strengths. It means only those strengths which are related and needed for the digital journalist role.

Along with good digital journalist resume, a digital journalist should prepare for the interview as well. This is because a resume only creates the 1st impression on the interviewer, but the candidate should also meet the expectations. A digital journalist should have knowledge and experience of journalism as well as of the web.

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