Digital Media Coordinator Resume

Media is the platform of gathering attention from the masses. Attention guarantees consideration by the audience, which in turn boosts sales and profits of the organization. Hence, there is a dedicated team of media managers who help their clients utilize this platform to reach out to potential audiences and ensure sales. One of the key members of this team is the media coordinator. Here is a digital media coordinator resume that highlights the profile and responsibilities of this post.

A Media coordinator liaises between the media houses and the clients. He studies the objectives of the client organization and identifies their media management needs. Based on the details given by the media planner with regards to target audience, advertisement message, budget, etc., the coordinator lists out the names of all media houses who will contribute in the advertisement campaign. Coordinators help to finalize the contract and start the marketing project. Further, they arrange and distribute resources, supervise the work of team members, track project progress, manage crisis, arrange funds, and coordinate with all members associated with the project regularly to ensure project completion on time. The most important skills required for a media coordinator are communication skills, risk management skills, ability to handle dynamism of media world, and capacity to handle pressure. These skills are crucial for the success of a media coordinator. Hence, while preparing a resume for media coordinators, candidates must portray all these abilities on resume.

Sample Digital Media Coordinator Resume

Robert Reeves
Address: 14A, Maple Street, Orlando, FL 87952
Contact Number: 633 - 789 - 4562
Email Id:

Career Objective

Aiming for the post of a media coordinator where I will get an opportunity to manage the media and brand promotion needs of the organization with the media houses. To establish effective coordination between two associates and contribute in smooth operations of work.

Key Skills

Educational Qualifications

Employment History

MidasTouch Media Management, Orlando
Digital Media Coordinator (October 2008 - till date)

Mindtree Media House, Orlando
Digital Media Executive (November 2007- October 2008)


Personal Details

Name: Robert Reeves
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: March 12th 1987
Interests: Playing Violin
Nationality: US citizen


Name: Joseph Davis
Designation: Media Director
Organization Name: MidasTouch Media Management, Orlando
Contact Number: 633 - 785 - 4561
Email Id:

This Media coordinator resume is highly impressive in its presentation. It is neat and concise and allows the reader to extract information they need from the resume. This sample lays strong emphasis on the qualifications and skills of the candidate at the beginning, followed by a detailed description of the key responsibilities handled by the candidate at this position. Owing to such an impressive presentation of the resume, we would suggest job seekers to adopt this template for their resume. We are hopeful that this sample will help the job seekers in finding suitable jobs.

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