Digital Media Professional Resume

We have presented here a digital media professional resume. In times of fierce competition and extensive reliance on technology, a media professional plays a key role in ensuring demand and recognition for the organization. It is a highly interesting and challenging profile and hence is sought after by several job seekers. Here is a digital media professional resume to help the job seekers to realize their dreams.

A media professional is an expert in the field of media management. He knows the best techniques of extracting results with the help of leading media forms. He has thorough knowledge of the various media forms, its nature, its reach, and its impact on the target audience. These professionals study the market behavior and interpret the changes that are expected in the market. This analysis helps them to make strategies and utilize the media forms for selling products and building reputation. At times, the organization runs into negative publicity. In such situations, the media professionals ensure that they promote the organization's positive aspects and create a good impression on the customers. The media professionals purchase time and space slots from different media houses, set up interviews and press conferences, shoot advertisements, record jingles, draw out mascots and logos, etc.

They must be adept at adjusting fast to the dynamic environments and handling the challenges and pressures that these markets have to offer. Media professionals may work for advertisement agencies or for the manufacturing units directly.

Sample Digital Media Professional Resume

Rebecca Patterson
Address: 8B, Black Forest Street, Philadelphia, PA 58749
Contact Number: 211 - 789 - 4560
Email Id:

Career Aim

Aiming for a career as a digital media professional where I will get an opportunity to manage the digital media needs of the organization and develop an effective marketing strategy for the organization

Summary of Key Skills

Work Experience

Designation: Digital Media Professional
Organization: Ambiance Media Advisors, Philadelphia
Tenure of Work: October 2010 - Till date

Designation: Digital Media Executive
Organization: Harrison Media House, Philadelphia
Tenure of Work: July 2009 - September 2010

Designation: Digital Media Assistant
Organization: Chelsea Advertising Agency, Philadelphia
Tenure of Work: November 2008 - June 2008

Educational Qualifications

Course NameInstitute NameYear of PassingGrade
Master's Degree in Media ManagementPhiladelphia University2008A
Bachelor's Degree in MarketingPhiladelphia University2006B+

Personal Details

Name: Rebecca Paterson
Age: 24
Date of Birth: June 16th 1988
Sex: Female
Interests: Paragliding
Citizenship: USA Citizen


Name: Alice Swan
Professional Details: Media Manager
Ambiance Media Advisors, Philadelphia
Contact Details: 211 - 730 - 5648

We recommend job seekers to use this template if they are trying to find jobs in media management. We have presented a professionally formatted resume that showcases the career growth of the candidate across various designations.

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