Media Broadcasting Resume

A media broadcasting professional has a wide scope for work. One can apply for different positions in areas like newspaper, radio, magazines, television and many more. The main responsibility of media broadcasting professional is to update valuable information like advertising, interviews, documentaries, speeches etc. It is an interesting and a challenging field. A person in the mentioned position should be able to communicate the information in a clear and creative manner.

This is a fine sample of media broadcasting resume for your review. This resume will guide you towards creating your resume in an effective manner. We have used fictitious names and addresses to guide you in a clear way. We hope this sample works well in drafting your resume for the mentioned position.

Sample Media Broadcasting Resume

Richardson M. Green
29 Bayberry Court
Gateway, Georgia 30372
Cell: (304) 555-5698

Career Objective: A position as a Media Broadcasting where I can make effective use of my skills and abilities towards achieving the goals of the organization.

Areas of Interest:

Technical skills:

Educational Qualifications:

Professional Experience:

Media and Broadcasting Company, Georgia
From 2006 till date
Program producer

Network TV Studio and communication center, Georgia
From 2004 to 2006
Media Coordinator

Will be furnished upon request

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