Radio Broadcasting Music Director Resume

The broadcasting media always tries to convey information, news or commercials in a manner that produces a mesmerizing effect on the listeners mind. To accomplish this purpose, they make extensive use of music throughout their programs and the person who creates these mind-catching pieces of music is known as broadcasting music director.

Given below is a broadcasting music director resume sample.

Sample Radio Broadcasting Music Director Resume

Benjamin West
1501, X Street, Hayward Park
San Mateo, CA-94401
(123) 456-7890

Objective :To advance my career as a broadcasting music director by working with a well-known and popular broadcast station.

Summary of Qualifications :

Professional Experience :

Jazz FM, San Juan, CA (2006-Present)
Music Director

Big Radio, Los Angeles, CA (2004-2006)
Music Composer & Arranger

Academic education :

Extra Curricular :

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