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A sample writer resume is given along with this article. Mr. Richard Anderson is the respective candidate applying for the post. In this kind of resume candidate's background summary plays an important role, so the concept of this is duly comprised with this sample writer resume.

A writer is a professional, who uses words as a means of earning a living. In his profession, his every word counts. A writer can write for himself and later publish it in the form of a book/novel or else he can render his writing skills for the use of his employer and get paid for every word he writes. This particular applicant has worked as a content writer with newspapers and magazines and now wants a position in a newspaper. This sample resume is written in a smart manner, bringing forth all the experience the applicant has garnered over time. Any of our visitors can use this sample without any second thoughts.

Sample Writer Resume 1

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
(123)-456 7890

Career Goal
Obtain a distinctive place with the help of obtained education and the capacity of writing.

Academic Background

Computer Programming Skills Professional Excellence Summary Professional Background

1999- Present date: Work as a freelance writer/editor or consultant with following responsibilities

1996- 1997: Acted as the management staff in the Sabbath Shoes Press, Indianapolis

1997- 1998: Acted as the editorial and developmental management staff for the Morrison Publication House with following responsibilities

Sample Writer Resume 2

Rachael Anderson,
65, West 70 Street,
Bellevue, Washington, 03284,
(328)-491 0671 Objective:

Talented and very dedicated writer seeking for a correct and challenging position in a newspaper where my talent and knowledge can work efficiently and nurture.

Academic Background:

Professional Experience:

Writer      2005-present
Fast Track News, Bellevue, Washington

Responsibilities as a writer include writing the articles regarding Lifestyle such as home, garden, health and fitness. Write 600-800 word's article in daily newspaper. Resolve the problems of the readers in the indoor out magazine's blog. Also writes about the latest trends of lifestyles.

Freelance Writer      2003-2005
The State Times, Covington, Washington

Write the articles related to the fitness and health care for the weekly edition of the local newspaper. Also write articles for the website blog of the newspaper.



Mr. Mathew Paul
Fast Track News, Bellevue, Washington

Mr. Arnold Best
Managing Director
The State Times, Covington, Washington

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