Fire Captain Resume

A fire captain holds the responsibility of training, motivating, and directing the fire personnel for ensuring an efficient and safe execution of the firefighting operations. The non-emergency response functions, including station based trainings, life safety activities, and pre-fire planning operations are also prioritized and accomplished by the professional along with the regular emergency response procedures. The captain makes decisions regarding the itineraries to be considered while reacting to the emergency calls. Moreover, he supervises the management of firefighting equipment and handles the emergency medical services.

While constructing your resume for this profile, you need to be completely aware of the expected qualifications and skills including the job requirements. It is important because the employers are mostly found preferring those resumes which prominently acknowledge the company's needs. Have a look at the illustration portrayed below.

Sample of Fire Captain Resume

Bob D. Furbish
854, Suitor Mill Road
Westfield, NJ 58987
Phone: (956) 334 5566

Objective: To function as a proficient fire captain and put to practice my uncompromising dedication towards work and progressively developed leadership qualities along with extensive knowledge about public service and emergency medical services.

Skills and Abilities:

Personal Attributes:

Professional Experience:

Parlos Heights Fire Company, Boston, MA
Fire Captain, 20XX - Present
Job Responsibilities:

South Fire Fighter Department, Boston, MA
Fire Engineer, 20XX - 20XX
Roles and Responsibilities:


Associate Degree in Emergency Response and Operations, 20XX
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ


Certificate in Firefighting Operations
Emergency Medical Technician Certification
Class B Driver's License


  1. Eric D. Hernandez
    South Fire Fighter Department, Boston, MA

  2. Christopher E. Thomas
    Fire Engineer
    Parlos Heights Fire Company, Boston, MA

With the help of this sample, you can be surefooted to make it to the forefront of your job competition. You don't need to overdo your resume writing to come up with a solid, attention-getting resume; it would be more appealing if you use simple and correct English along with crisp sentences.

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