Modeling Career Resume

There are many individuals who crave to become successful models. However, most of them let this dream collapse, while others build their dreams on the foundation of their qualifications they acquire through learning and practicing the finesse of this profession. However, they sometimes forget that the foundation on which they let their dreams grow is incomplete without a perfect modeling career resume.

Commencing your career in modeling is difficult in the beginning; however, as you obtain assignments, new contacts help moving ahead in the industry easier. A career in modeling is highly coveted; however, it has its own limitations and one has to tread carefully, as models are always in the eyes of the public.

A modeling career resume needs to be drafted in a way that the employer gets to learn about all your qualifications for this profession and is able to gauge your level of competency for the job. Describe all the work you have done. Enlist the qualities that you possess and let the employer recognize your potential. Unless your resume makes a positive mark on the employer, you won't be considered eligible for the job.

A sample resume of a modeling professional will help you understand how you can draft a personalized resume.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

Richard V. Johnson
4190 Gibson Avenue
San Jose, California 32690

Career Objective

I would like to work as a professional model and use my skills and knowledge to become one of the most sought after models through excellent work

Summary of Skills

Details of Work Experience

Modeling for Television Commercials

Modeling for Print Advertisements

Modeling for Fashion Shows

Educational Qualifications

Master's Degree in Acting
Freeman Institute of Performing Arts

Bachelor's Degree in Acting
Freeman Institute of Performing Arts


Attended a six month training in Modeling for Ramp in Los Angeles

Attended make-up workshop at Film Academy of New York

You can see that the biography of the applicant is summarized in a way that the employer will easily understand the applicant's exposure to the world of modeling and acting. You need to draft your resume similar to this sample resume in order to obtain maximum advantage when applying for a job.

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