Professional Modeling Resume

A professional modeling resume is the mother of all the job opportunities that you will find as you walk down the lane of your career. In search of sunrise (read:better job opportunities), your only companion is the resume because it will carry all the information you need to communicate with the employer and will establish a professional connection. Undermining the importance of this document is something you should avoid. It is better to have a resume that defines your productivity optimally and allows the employer to have a clear understanding of your competency.

All of us are aware of what a model does professionally. However, what we see is actually less than the tip of an iceberg. We are only able to notice the glamor and glitz in the glory of which a model basks. On a deeper level, the job of a professional model is made up of several roles. He/she has to market himself/herself and sell his/her skills and experience to get recruited. He/she has to rehearse for a long period for a 30 second television commercial or sixty second appearance on stage. He/she has to be at the beck and call of the production manager and juggle between different projects simultaneously in order to complete each project within the assigned deadline.

A professional modeling resume should consist a description of the applicant's nature, knowledge, behavior, physical appearance, work history, and all other details that an employer will need to assess his/her competency. Just make sure that whatever you write in the resume is relevant to the profession. Do not divulge details that may divert the reader's attention from the main issue: assessing your performance. Your resume should be able to establish a pure professional identity and it should be convincing enough for the employer, because only on the basis of the resume, he can decide whether or not he should call you up for the interview.

A sample of professional modeling resume will ensure that you are able to draft a personalized, informative, and job winning resume.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

Jeffery K. Anderson
D-4, Fliston Avenue
Houston, Texas 48760

Career Objective

I would like to be a part of the ever growing modeling industry and carve a niche for myself by working professionally and with wholehearted dedication

Physical Characteristics

Special Skills

Professional Experience

Television Commercials

Print Advertisements

Fashion Shows

Training and Qualifications

For best results, use this format and draft a personalized professional modeling resume and send it to the employer.

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