Resume for Modeling Babies

A resume for modeling babies is a document that is drafted by the parents or guardians of babies who are into modeling. This document needs to be prepared in a way that makes the employers believe that the babies being represented by their parents/guardians can be called up for a screen test. Before drafting a resume for a baby model, there are several things that need to be kept in mind by the writer. This is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the resume and by this the baby will definitely get noticed.

A baby model is just like an adult model, except that he/she has to be under constant monitoring of the director or other person who hires the baby. Unlike adult models, the baby model needs more attention, guidance, support, and motivation because without that, the baby cannot be made to work as per planned. A baby cannot take decisions or follow each and every instruction of the person in-charge. However, there are exceptional cases where babies have been known to deliver excellent performances with little guidance and instructions.

A resume for a baby model has to be made in accordance with the industry requirements, and the details provided in it should be those that describe about all the experience a baby holds as a model. A baby cannot write the resume by himself/herself, and it is necessary for you to write a resume that can speak what is unspoken by the baby. If the baby is not experienced, then you can include the information about his/her participation in school level plays and other art forms where his ability to act and model has been recognized.

A sample resume gives you a perfect idea of how the resume of modeling babies should look like. The format is simple and is free for anybody to use.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

Johnny N. Mason
380 Crossman Avenue
Los Angeles, California 41790

Physical Characteristics

Total Professional Experience


Details of Training/Education

By now you must have got an idea as to how the resume of a baby model should be made in order to create a positive impression on the reader and grab maximum chances of getting selected for a screen test. We hope that your child goes a long way and makes a rewarding career in the modeling industry.

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