Sample Model Resume

An aspiring plus size model is the one whose main aim is to excel in modeling career. Therefore, an impressive and positive sample aspiring plus size model resume is entirely based on mentioning a strong objective in whole body of the resume. Since, such resumes mainly reflects the applicant's talent and their knowledge regarding all latest concepts in the industry, therefore, some essential points such as applicant's passion for the field and achieving the expertise in the same profession can successfully leave a positive impact in recruiter's mind. Some additional qualities like quick learning attitude really help people to show their brilliance in modeling.

Sample Model Resume of Aspiring Plus Size Model


Jennifer K. Ward
1878 Star Trek Drive
Pensacola, FL 32501

I am an "Aspiring Plus Size Model". My career goal is to work very hard and strive to achieve to be the best I can be in my career. To obtain a career position in a thriving company, working in a safe, friendly, and productive environment, where I can use my skills to the best of my ability that would benefit myself, the company and all those around me.

DeKalb County High School, Smithville - TN: I Graduated June 1990 with a General Diploma.

TN: 11/2005-Present: Aspiring Plus Size Model: I have been recruited by the world's foremost modeling agency for commercials and modeling shoots from John Casablanca Modeling and Career Center, Nashville, TN.

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