Chief Physiotherapist Resume

A chief physiotherapist is a professional who helps the patients to find complete clinical solutions for their physical problems and regain strength and flexibility to perform essential body functions such as breathing, speaking, walking, etc. He provides necessary treatments for the patients who have undergone a surgery or have been suffering from a chronic disease and are unable to perform certain body functions.

He also uses a variety of exercises and techniques to bring back agility and mobility in the body of the patients, helping them to regain consciousness over their body functions and perform them normally. Overseeing the operations of the physiotherapists and assigning appropriate tasks to them is another major responsibility of the professional.

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Chief Physiotherapist Resume Sample

Andrew J. Harrington
2471 North Uphill Drive
Sacramento, CA 29461

Career Objective:

To become an experienced and qualified chief physiotherapist and utilize my laudable talents and qualifications to render quality healthcare services to the patients and effectively manage the physiotherapy staff of the organization.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Chief Physiotherapist at Chandlers Clinic, Sacramento
Working since October 2003

Job Duties

Chief Physiotherapist at Chandlers Clinic, Sacramento, CA
October 2012 - Present

Job Duties:

Chief Physiotherapist at King Edward Healthcare Foundation, Sacramento, CA
August 2011 to September 2012
Job Duties:

Academic Qualifications:

Advanced Certificate in Physiotherapy, 2011
Life Sciences Learning and Research Association, CA

Bachelor's Degree in Therapy Practices, 2009
California University of Science, CA

Will be provided upon request

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