Physical Therapist Resume

The profession of Physical therapists is comprised of people who are licensed practitioners in the health care domain. They aid patients in reducing their pain and improving their mobility without the need of expensive surgeries.

You need to have a clear job target if you intent to find a good job as a physical therapist . For this you need to develop a professional resume which includes all the necessary attributes listed in a perfect manner. For example the job objective in your resume needs to state the job specification as a Physical Therapist with the keywords that are pertinent to the profile.

Focus on the following areas:

Emphasize on your achievements:
Describe your basic job responsibilities, followed by a list of achievements. Show quantified results of your work.

Physical Therapist Resume

Include Keywords

Keywords are search terms used by employers to source through resume databases. Your resume should include physical therapy-related keywords to ensure that it is found in an electronic applicant search. Examples of keywords include job titles, degrees, certifications, professional organizations and skills/areas of specialty (e.g. patient assessment, muscle re-education, geriatrics). If a keyword has a widely used acronym, include both the abbreviated and spelled-out forms somewhere in your resume, since an employer may use either during a search.

Samples of Physical Therapist Resumes

You can understand how to draft a good resume by referring to the below mentioned format and samples.

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