Licensed Massage Therapist Resume

Generally functioning in calm and flexible working environments, the licensed massage therapists mainly focus on health and relaxation techniques, specializing in different massage modalities. The therapists possess a good sense of courteousness and morality with state-of-the-art customer handling skills which enables them to develop a potent customer network for the organization. They employ various massaging techniques to promote relaxation and relief, reduce stress, and control pain for the clients. High levels of sterilization and hygiene standards are required to be regularly maintained by these professionals.

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Sample of Licensed Massage Therapist Resume

Laura F. Scott
645, Pinewood Shores
Carlsbad, CA 95060
Phone: 257-356-7895

Career Profile: With my sincere and knowledgeable approach towards massage therapy, I seek to secure the position of licensed massage therapist in a renowned organization where I can demonstrate my unmatched skills and experience in this sector including my ability to develop a strong client base.

Professional Strengths:

Professional Experience:

Organization: Morning Sun Spa & Inn, California
Designation: Licensed Massage Therapist
Duration: February 2012 - Till Date

Organization: Mendoza Day Spa, California
Designation: Licensed Massage Therapist
Duration: March 2011 - January 2012

Area of Interest:
To analyze, consult, and perform massage treatments in a professional and challenging setting

Bachelor of Arts in Health and Wellness, 2010
Xavier Arts College, California

Certification Course:
Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, 2011
University of California, California

Will be available upon request

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