Flash Programmer Resume

Flash programmers work with vector and raster graphics and give them motion using a scripting language. Any games, and animation programs that run and play in Adobe Flash Player is authored by these programmers. They use Flash, a multimedia software, for streaming video and audio players and interactive contents into web pages. To work as a Flash programmer, you must have knowledge of ActionScript and JavaScript Flash language. If creating gaming and interactive web application is your forte, this sample resume can offer you momentum to your job search.

Resume Sample

Antonio Bander
Passing Lane, 32 Street
Covington, Washington, 02254
(025) 448 9597

Career Objective:
Seeking a Flash Programmer position to create interactive web applications using years of experience in Action Scripting and graphic designing.

Summary of Qualifications:

Technical Skills:

Bachelor of Computer Science
Crystal College, Covington, Washington

Professional Experience:

Assistant Flash Programmer
Aerosoft Inc.
Covington, Washington
2012 - present

Trainee Flash Programmer
My Multimedia Inc.
Covington, Washington
2009 - 2012

Available upon request.

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