J2EE Fresher Resume

Resume is a competitive tool that increases the chances of receiving excellent job prospects for the applicants. It is a professional document that introduces you to the recruiters reading your job application. Therefore, you should make some expedient attempts to construct a job relevant resume that meets the objectives and requirements of the organization.

There are many job candidates who are searching for a breakthrough in their J2EE professional careers. The job opportunities are varied, but the competition is quite serious and nerve wracking. Hence, you must be able to put an effectual impact on the potential employer, so as to make yourself stand out from other job applicants in the contest.

Each section of your J2EE fresher resume should be efficiently structured so that you can ensure its effectiveness during the job application procedure. The job objective is a section that expresses your plans and objectives to the reader in a professional way. It is necessary that you highlight your educational qualifications, skills, technical proficiencies, and vital credentials in your document. This will put a great impact on the employer and amplify your prospects of winning the employment opportunity.

If you do not have any work experience to mention in your resume for J2EE fresher job, you can include your internship programs and other similar experiences that are related to the industry. Your achievements also play an important role in making your document impressive. Ensure that you portray them in an effective manner before the employer.

You can improve your job application by attaching a skillfully drafted cover letter along with your resume. A cover letter is a useful document that makes a mark on the reader. Hence, do not forget to draft one along with your resume.

Refer to the sample of J2EE fresher resume portrayed below:

Resume Sample

Rachael J. Robert
23 Galvin Boulevard,
Joplin, AL 45310
Phone: (454) 455 4650
Email: rachael@minimail.com

Job Objective

Want to work in an organization that provides a competitive work atmosphere and good prospects to develop new skills and knowledge to their best level.

Educational Qualifications

Professional Qualifications

Technical Competencies

Soft Skills

Internship Experience


Personal Details

Marital Status: Married
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: October 12, 1985
Nationality: American


Joe H. Han
Sr. Java Engineer
Matchlock Engineering Ltd.
23, Ryun Street
Mescal, AL 45312
Phone: (132) 453 4560
Email: joe@illustrationmail.com

By using the above illustrated example of J2EE fresher resume, you will be able to arrange a proficient built resume that will assure you of a long lasting and prosperous career ahead.

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