Account Manager Resume

This is a sample resume of an account manager who has some experience in the field of accounting. One can use this sample resume for their job application by changing it according to his qualifications. This sample highlights the key strengths of the applicant while at the same time ensuring that his professional experience is also portrayed well. This resume will make an impact on the people who will read it and certainly better the applicant's prospects of getting the coveted job. We hope this resume goes a long way in helping you achieve your dream job as well.

Sample Account Manager Resume

Mark Jobs
203 E Main ST
Chicago, IL, 60609, USA
(123)-556 7890
Academic Background Computer Programming Skills Professional Excellence Summary Professional Background

Presently working as a National Account Manager since 2000 in the Starbuck Computer Corporations, Richmond, VA and efficiently handled and performed the following:

From 1995 to 1999 worked as an Executive in the Dealer Account and performed certain duties and responsibilities like: From 1992 to 1995, worked as a Sales Representative in the Corporate Chain Accounts and provided procedural sales support and organizational support to the chain account locations. Introduced and organized marketing promotions and skilled store

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