Physiotherapist Resume

A physiotherapist employs a wide array of physical therapies and techniques in order to rehabilitate and treat patients who are undergoing any type of illness or have suffered injuries. From general public within the society to 'in and out' hospital patients and industrial workers to sports persons, pre/post natal women, and the physically disabled individuals, the professional treats a broad range of patients. The main objective of his job is to alleviate pain, restore or enhance the functioning, and avoid dysfunctioning of the patient's physical body.

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Sample of Physiotherapist Resume

David S. Collins
654 North Charles Rd
Chicago, IL 60652
Phone: 765-555-1234

Career Profile:
10 years of dedicated experience in treating rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and skeletal and muscle illnesses. Great expertise in the formulation and execution of varied therapy programs and performing patient assessment. Knowledge of implementing acute patient care for adults and adolescents.


Professional Experience:

Physiotherapist, 20XX - Till Date
Beaumont Multinational Hospital, Chicago, IL


Assistant Physiotherapist, 20XX - 20XX
St. Michael's Health Care Association, Chicago, IL


Educational Summary:

Dual-State Physiotherapist License - IL/NY

American Physical Therapy Association, 20XX
Active Membership

Brian D. Perez
Chief Physiotherapist
City Memorial Hospital, Illinois
Phone: 158-258-8888

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