Assistant Physiotherapist Resume

Assistant physiotherapists aid physiotherapists in providing care to patients having problems in mobility, muscle weakness or those taking treatment for surgical procedure, joint replacement, accidental injuries, etc. Moreover, they assist patients using wheelchair, cane or other walking support as well as elderly patients to carry out daily activities comfortably. An associate degree in physical therapy from an accredited institute is required to start your career in this role. Moreover, an assistant physiotherapist resume must include buzzwords like knowledge of equipment used in physiotherapy, ability to plan personal exercise routines according to patient's need, and ability to observe his/her improvement to prepare reports. Also, it should have your soft skills like friendly attitude, communication skills and ability to motivate patients in completing exercise.

Assistant Physiotherapist Resume Sample

Richard M. Cale
4594 Dogwood Lane
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: 520-678-9314

Job Objective:

Dedicated, friendly, and enthusiastic 'Assistant Physiotherapist' seeking a senior position with a reputed health-care center to use my knowledge and experience to provide effective care plans for patients and plan individual therapeutic sessions.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Assistant Physiotherapist
February 2018 - Present

Assistant Physiotherapist (part-time)
Trillium General Hospital, Tucson
December 2016 - February 2018


Physiotherapy Aide (Intern)
Alberta Health-care, Tucson
July 2015 - November 2016



On request.

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