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Occupational therapists have diverse responsibilities based on their specialization, but their prime duty is to assist patients in becoming independent for accomplishing daily living activities. These medical professionals are responsible for providing care to various patients suffering from disabilities, mental health issues, family problems, work-related issues as well as emotional/psychological concerns. They devise care plans, teach the use of adaptive equipment, monitor progress, and prepare accurate progress reports. Moreover, they also work with other medical personnel to provide emotional support to the family members, and give necessary instructions for the patient's safety. To be employed in this position, you must have a relevant master's or doctorate degree and certain traits like patience, adaptability, compassion and excellent communication skills. Refer to the occupational therapist resume sample iven below, and create your own selling tool to entice a prospective employer.

Occupational Therapist Resume Sample

Mathew C. Daigle
3573 Hiney Road
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Phone: 702-345-1793
Email: thomas.daigle@anymail.com

Career Objective

Highly-motivated, compassionate and friendly 'Occupational Therapist' with over 6+ years of experience in assessing patients' disabilities, developing care plans, and recommending adaptive equipment useful for leading a normal life. Capable of preparing progress report, coordinating with other medical personnel, and giving appropriate instructions to the family members. Team player with excellent communication, and interpersonal skills.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Occupational Therapist
Mercy Health-care, Las Vegas, NV
February 2017 - Present

Occupational Therapist
Daffodils Hospital, Las Vegas, NV
December 2014 - February 2017

Occupational Therapist (Junior)
Slocum-Dickson Medical Center, Las Vegas, NV
July 2012 - November 2014




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