Forensic Accountant Resume

Lots of crimes have taken place due to involvement of money. Whether the crime is of murder or forgery, business fraud, insurance, paid killing, etc., it has to be investigated considering the angle of money. Hence, banks, insurance companies, government agencies, and police departments hire forensic accountants. These accountants are skilled in legal matters where there is money involved. They review bank transactions, and deposit, withdrawal or transfer of money from one account to another of all those people involved in or victim of the crime. With the knowledge of accounting and investigation, they gather sufficient evidence to present in the court and book the criminals. There skills are in demand for providing support to the litigation process and investigate financial matters with all perspective.

The job requires forensic accounting experience along with a degree in accounting. You can also better your job chances by becoming a certified public account (CPA). Further, excellent research, accounting, analytical, communication, and computer skills are high on the list of selection criteria of employers.

Forensic Accountant Resume Example

Chris A. Bonney
4701 Shady Pines Drive
Madisonville, KY 42431
Phone: 270-918-1398

Career Objective:

To earn a forensic accountant position with the state police department and provide litigation support in criminal, fraudulent, and forgery cases using my accounting, research, and investigative skills.

Work Experience:

Forensic Accountant
Jack Finance & Accounting Company, Madisonville, KY
October 2013 - Present

Forensic Accountant
Sound & Secure Insurance Company, Madisonville, KY
January 2012 - September 2013



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