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This is another resume section of our sample resume website, which already has more than seventy different resume categories. The good thing about this section is that it is targeted to specific types of jobs. With years of background in helping people draft a killer job application, we have understood that the needs and requirement of all types of industries are different. One quality highlighted on the resume may not be relevant to a different field. Hence, we have gone through the trouble of creating resumes for specific jobs and industries. The resumes in this page can help readers to select job applications matching with their professions, copy, paste, and modify them to suit their skills and experience.

We are adding more and more resume samples every day. So if you do not find the resume you are looking for, please check back in a week. You can also let us know if you don't find what you are looking for. We will ensure whatever you need is uploaded on the site as soon as possible. The resume will be well researched and will surely prove to be helpful.

Besides providing you with resume samples, we also have a section on resume writing advice and letter of recommendation. We also ask our visitors (and the people for whom we create the resumes) that they should buy this book called "How to Make Resume" by Mr. Adams. This book will surely help to under the concepts of resume writing and draft a professional copy of yours. We have made all the research and efforts in developing our website to cover all the professions in the world.

Resume writing is an art. This is your first impression on your recruiter. So make sure it is well written and has all the information required in it. Its purpose is only to get you an interview call/mail. If it does that, it's a good resume, else it is not. So you may consider it as an advertisement of your own skills. If have been unable to land any interview calls, then there is something wrong with your resume. Therefore, take help of our website and redraft it accordingly and experience the difference.

As there are different types of industries, the skills, abilities, and experience too vary. This vital aspect of job application is overlooked by candidates trying to apply. What is necessary to know that the job application must be specific to the industry. It should be written in a way as if made for the profession only and must serve as an example for others. So before starting with drafting your job application, please go through the resume samples matching your profession, and understand what should be highlighted. You will also get to know how to display your experience, education, and skills.

There are lots more to be added on the document than just writing down your education qualification and work experience on a paper. In addition, there are changes in resume formats as well like functional or chronological. These are the two basic formats that are relevant in the job industry. The chronological resume is best for those who has been and want to continue the same profession, whereas the functional resume is to make a switch from one field to another and express your abilities to success in the new profession.

Make sure you attach a cover letter to your resume. Also ensure that it is tailored to the relevant industry and to the company. It is the first step in getting closer towards the interview. The recruiter gets to know something about you and your previous job experience. By knowing this, they can match the documents to the job description they have and this will further increase your chances of landing the job.

Last but not the least, make sure that the job application does not have any spelling or grammar errors. For any mistakes will build a bad reputation of you. Recruiters check for this as well. Imagine a scenario where you are applying for a position of a teacher, but the resume is full of spelling and grammatical errors. It is highly unlikely that any recruiter would call you. If you cannot devote any time to write a good resume for yourself, how you are going to do good work for the company. These basic points may not feel important to you, but the recruiters do consider them. Therefore, read it thrice before you mail it. Proof read it after a small gap which makes it easier for you to spot even the minute error. Also, remember to update it every few months as you earn new skills and knowledge. Feel free to check our sample resume examples section for some nicely formatted real-life resume examples.

Best of Luck!

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