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This is our resume examples section; the extension of our main sections. There were too many resume samples and examples to put on one page; hence, we created more pages for each category of jobs.

The fact that you are here on this page means that we do not have to tell you how important is the resume when you are looking for employment. Job opportunities are galore; however, at the same time, it is extremely difficult to find jobs that you like. This is because of the stiff competition and the changing scenario of opportunities in various fields.

It is mandatory to keep ourselves updated with the latest ways of writing a resume and then draft and format our's accordingly. There are different types of formats and they are meant for different purposes. The traditional resume is one which has your name on the top, like a letter head followed by the educational qualifications, work experience, personal details, etc. Now, this type is little outdated.

Important points to remember

What you should do is to first present your most impressive details, like for example, if you have studied at well known institutes or universities such as the University of Massachusetts, or the Harvard university, then it goes without saying that any firm would like to invest in you or hire you, irrespective of whether you have had any working experience or not.

However, now comes the most important part. How would you attract attention of the recruiter or employer towards the information you want to highlight? The answer is simple, by tactfully presenting the impressive details first. This is where resume writing skills come into play.

Then follows the formatting; how to put every detail together with proper subheads and appropriate font sizes and bulleted lists. You ought to be very precise and concise while providing your information. It has to be a detailed summarized version of your personality, similar to an endorsement sheet.

It is best to keep the resume font as a formal Times New Roman or Calibri with a size of 12. Simultaneously, be prepared for substantiating the things you mention in the interview. The objective section of any resume gives you a platform to speak up what your ambitions are and customize it by saying how the company can help in fulfilling them and at the same time, mention in what ways you can contribute towards the betterment and success of the company. Avoid making any generic statements or something which is not related or goes against your employment course.

How we can help?

Resumes have a certain format as they have to be reframed depending on your work experience or educational qualifications and the job profile you are applying for. Check out here on our site where you will find over 8,000 resumes for different professions and designations plus new updates on a daily basis.

The examples given here are suitable for everybody and every need; be it for a fresher, or someone who has considerable experience in some field. Along with the sample resumes, find useful information on how to draft them, rather than just customizing what we have provided here. Not that it will not be of help, it will also build your awareness of how it should be written and boost your self confidence and satisfaction for helping yourself.

Find out detailed information on functional and chronological resumes. Example of chronological type is given here. The chronological one is also called the reverse chronological resume which simply means that whatever information you have, provide it in the order of latest first.

Your intention might be to overhaul the structure of your resume or draft an entirely new one. The expert examples provided on our website will definitely accentuate your profile and act as boosters for your prospects for landing the dream job. We know how to do it better than anybody else, and this is pure strenght and not boastfulness. Our sample resumes will make recruiters tilt in your favor, thus making you shine in the crowd.

Take help of our articles here. They are absolutely free! Wish you best of luck.

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