Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Administrative assistants form the backbone of any organization and can provide support to daily activities necessary for office operations. They work in a variety of settings from educational institutes to law firms and multinational organizations. These professionals handle telephone calls, incoming and outgoing mail, and other clerical duties with the help of computers. So when applying, your administrative assistant resume must show computer skills as well. Before that, you need to think deeply to present a convincing objective statement since it is what spikes the interest in recruiters to read the resume.

Why an objective statement is important?

Resumes define whether you are worth for an interview or not. Therefore, to grab the recruiter's attention, writing a compelling objective statement is necessary. This statement clarifies about the type of job you are seeking, goals and the skills which make you the best fit for the job. It can be in 2 - 3 sentences, and is essential for freshers who are just graduating, and for individuals looking for a position in the same or new field.

What to write in an objective statement?

A resume objective is not a generic description about how much you need the job, but a chance to stand out in the crowd by captivating the hiring manager. It is not only the first section a recruiter reads, but also the only reason why he reads your resume.

The best way to write this section is to split it into three parts – In the first part, write about the strongest attributes you possess, in the second, mention the targeted role, and in the last, how the experience makes you a suitable candidate for the position. Writing the job title in the very first part shows you have tailored the document according to the position and are aware of the role you are interested in. This could also have points related to the years of experience and notable performances under the belt. Although the section is to be customized according to your skills and experiences, it should reflect what you can do to address the employer's needs.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Samples

As an administrative assistant, the different tasks during the day will keep you on toes. The duties associated with this profile require an individual who can provide momentum that ensures the tasks are being carried out without interruption. As a result, the objective statement must clearly specify core competencies, areas of expertise, and speak high about the remarkable accomplishments. In short, it must convey that you are the perfect candidate for the job. Instead of only listing the prerequisites expected in an administrative assistant, write concisely about the unique qualities you have in the objective statement. Here are a few samples to help you out.

By aligning the objective to a specific position, you are demonstrating concentration on a single profile and required competencies clearly. The resume objective must convey who you are and provide a quick information about why you are an apt candidate. Tailoring it as per the position you are interested to work for and writing it in synchronization with the help of points mentioned in the job description can spike up a recruiter's curiosity in your candidacy.

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