Before Going for Career Advice

Things to Enquire Before Going for Career Advice

Career advices can be very helpful in making important career decisions and in following through those decisions as well. How effective and useful a particular career advice is dependent on its type, source and relevance to a person's individual situation. There are some things that you should inquire about before going for career advice. Let's take a closer look at them.

Kind of Career Advice
Career advices can be generic such as those found on internet or career advice books or personalized as in case of career advice consultants or agencies. Depending on the situation one or the other kind of career advice would be more suited for you.

Need for Career Advice
When going for career advice you should also consider the need of the career advice. The source of career advice that is right would depend on the purpose of the career advice as well. Let's see some of the situations wherein we may require career advice and consider the right source of advice for them.

Overall we see that there are several things that we should consider before going for career advice. In all cases however you should seek second opinions whenever possible and consider all the advices but in the end, make up your own mind.

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