Career Advice for Engineering

List top 5 Career Advice for engineering job

Most engineering jobs require heavy investment in training and also involve heavy competition. In order to have a successful career in engineering job you have to stay focused and work hard. Following are the top 5 career advices that can help you succeed in your engineering career and you should always keep them in mind:

  1. Distinguish Yourself
    Engineering jobs are usually lucrative and high paying and also have correspondingly higher competition level. To be successful in your career and get a good engineering job you should distinguish yourself. Try to obtain the best grades possible. Take part in extracurricular activities and try to make a favorable impression on your colleagues and lecturers. Also take part in student government, sports and social organizations whenever you can. Though not strictly related to your degree and field, such activity will improve your self confidence and will make it easy for you to interact with a variety of people.
  2. Get a Job With Growth Prospects
    When looking for jobs in initial phases of your career look beyond the salary package and focus more on you growth prospects and the opportunities to develop new skills and improve your knowledge base.
  3. Open Your Options
    You should not focus on only a few specific technologies but should good general understanding of various technologies used in your field. You should try to open your options. Focus more, and have good knowledge and understanding of the concepts and technologies that are relatively stable and unchanging. Have the underlying concepts relevant to your domain clear as they rarely change and for a type of transferable skill.
  4. Make Yourself Marketable
    You should make yourself marketable and pursue additional courses and certifications that can distinguish you from your competitors. Some certifications like SCJP for software programmers are well worth pursuing as they require knowledge that you have to learn for your degree any way. Such certificates are also internationally recognized and will be a fine addition to your resume for any related job application.
  5. Mentoring
    Choose a mentor that can help you in your career. A mentor can be a professor, a senior with good track record or an industry professional. A mentor can not only guide you in your studies and suggest which subjects you should choose and focus on, but can also help you with your job search by providing reference and can be helpful later in your career as well.

The engineering jobs are many and the specifications of the job would vary greatly based on the domain, discipline, company and the type and responsibilities involved with the job. Still the five career advices mentioned above will be of great help in setting your career to a good start if followed properly.

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