Career Advice for Hospitality

Top 5 Career Advices for Hospitality Fields

Hospitality is a selfless act of being generous, kind and helpful towards all. Hospitality refers to the warm reception given by hosts to guests to make them feel comfortable. When compared with the traditional industries, hospitality industry has evolved recently with changing times. If you are planning to make a career in hospitality industry, here are the 5 career advice tips for hospitality field.

  1. Scope
    The career aspects and scope in the field of hospitality are positive and ever increasing. The demand and success of this field depends on a customer's need for entertainment and luxuries. This makes the hospitality field prone to losses in event of economic or political instability. However, in recent times, the corporate and social culture has evolved in such a way that there is need to conduct each activity in a planned, organized way and on a large scale. Hence, the need for hospitality specialists has increased considerably.
  2. Qualifications
    Those planning to make a career in hospitality need to pursue a Diploma, Degree or Masters in following fields.
    • Hotel Management
    • Hospitality Management
    • Event Management
    • Travel and Tourism Management
    • Air Cabin Crew Services
    Depending upon the qualifications and experience, one gets placed in relevant jobs and on suitable positions.
  3. Job Field
    Hospitality finds a way in various industries. It exists in every industry where a host-guest relationship is important. Following are the different industries where hospitality enthusiasts can work.

      Hotel Industry
      Hotel industry is the largest industry in hospitality section. It involves every effort of making the guest's experience at the hotel worthwhile. Hospitality department takes care of the different needs of the customers like food, transport, laundry, entertainment, etc.

      Event Management
      It relates to managing tasks and handling visitors at events like sports competitions, awards functions, fashion shows, new year/Christmas or birthday parties etc.

      These hospitality attendants aim at making traveling a pleasurable experience for guests.

      Tourism hospitality involves planning and arranging vacations for guests. This job field involves consulting guests for tourist destinations, arranging for travel tickets, accommodations and food and being a tour guide.

  4. Skills
    There are certain skills that are common and important in the field of hospitality. Success in hospitality field relies more on practical knowledge rather than hardcore theoretical knowledge in that subject. It is skills based job field. Hence, aspirants need to sharpen these skills if they want to excel in this career field.

      Communication skills
      It includes being articulate in expressing one's thoughts, excellent listening skills, being polite and cordial in conversations and using the right tone / attitude while talking.

      Hospitality employees need to be patient in their work and behavior. One needs to be very patient in understanding the needs, problems of each event / person to come up with sound solutions. They need to complete work without getting irritated or angry.

      Hospitality industry requires employees to be creative and innovative in their work. They need to keep their customers happy, entertained and satisfied with the management. Hence, creativity helps them offer novelty in their theme, ambience and facilities every time.

  5. Salary
    The salary of a tour guide ranges from $18000 to $46000. Hotel and resort management professionals earn an average of $45000 annually. Fresh Management trainees receive salary in form of stipend, which gradually increases up to $20000 once they start working professionally. Event Managers earn higher than the rest that is up to $70000.

If you are aiming at a career in hospitality field, follow the given top 5 career advice tips And make your career a successful one.

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