Career Advice for Security Job

List top 5 Career Advice for Security Job

Though not the most glamorous or lucrative career, security can be a good option for you if you are an observant and have good interpersonal skills. The specific role and responsibilities of security guards vary depending on the post and organization for which they are working. Following are the top 5 career advices for security job that can be of help if you are considering a career in security.

  1. Career in Security
    There are jobs for security personals in virtually every major organization. In general security jobs are steady and job security is good. But a career in security job is not for everyone. The rate of advancement is usually slow and the work can be boring. Also you would have to stay observant and alert even if nothing seems to happen.
  2. Rules and Regulations
    In most states you'll need a license to get a security job. The criteria for getting the license are different in different states but they usually require a clean criminal record and good understanding of responsibilities, duties and powers of a security guard. Getting a security guard license, which is commonly known as a guard card may involve a background check and a written test. The easiest way to find out about the licensing process in your state or locality would be to simply ask a security officer about it. Just remember that they are on duty so be polite and keep the discussion short.
  3. Looking For Job
    Although security guards are employed by most medium and large scale organizations, there are only a few positions in any single organization. The best way to search for security job after you have obtained the license would be to search online. You can also join agencies that provide security personals to different organizations, such agencies can be a good choice as they sometimes provide training as well as help you with getting license. The job security is also better with such agencies and in general they can set your career to a good start.
  4. Networking
    Having a social network of contacts for those who are involved with security jobs can be very useful for your career. Creating and maintaining such a network would take some effort, but it is well worth it in the long run. You should take advantage of every opportunity to know new people and expand your network of contacts. Also, do not leave this for the time when you absolutely need it as it takes time to develop a proper network. A good social network can provide you with valuable information about job openings, if you find yourself unemployed or are just looking for a better job. Having a network of people who are working on similar positions can also be helpful to you when you need advice for dealing with a career related problem.
  5. Interpersonal Skills
    Unlike what many people may think an aggressive attitude can be a huge disadvantage in a security officer. A good security guard should be reliable and observant and have good interpersonal skills and ability to diffuse hostile situations before they can escalate. Most of the time the role of a security guard simply involves observing and reporting anything abnormal, providing guidance and information to visitors, occasional crowd control and diffusing any hostile situation. Good communication and interpersonal skills are very valuable for these purposes. A security guard should be physically fit and be able to appear threatening if need be but only with time it is appropriate for a guard to use physical force in defending themselves.

The exact roles and responsibilities of security guards can vary up to some extent. For example a security officer at a bank would not have same responsibility and code of conduct as a guard at a hotel, but the career advices given above are applicable to most security jobs careers.

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